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hi.. big problem...

this is so overly embarrasing to me that i created a new account for it but please please please help me because i don't know where else to go..
when i poop it stings, but on on one side just on the inside, and there's a tiny bit of light red blood sometimes. i've read up a bit on the net and it seems my two options would be heammoroids (sorry about the spelling) or a slight tear. i'm guessing it's a tear because it's only on one side?
if it was a tear.. which i'm 70% sure it is.. does anyne know if this will heal itself eventually? it's been like this for about 2-3 weeks.. on and off.. almost as if it heals a bit then tears again.
any advice is sooo soooo appreciated you have no idea. i'm seriously desperate and stressing out so bad.
thankyou soo much in advance.
(ps. no i've never had anal sex or done any anal sexual activity)
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Your anus should heal itself over time if you take care of it. Keep it clean. Wash with warm water and no extra soaps or oils. Eat things that'll come out easy. Lots of fibers. That should take care of it.
I have a "pain in the ass" that just won't go away with time. Of course, I also have an autoimmune disorder believed to be a variant of psoriasis in that region. It gets all red and cracks and bleeds like I've been Bubba's eternal prison bitch. Thankfully, I'm not gay and not into having my cornhole played with, or even seen. Otherwise it truthfully would be hell on earth.

Anyway, my point is mainly that often people can develop chronic fissures (tears) that never heal...or heal very slowly and get chronically reaggravated. But it won't kill you. If it becomes too large there are surgical options. Basically, often people are literally too uptight and "anal" and they have to cut a few muscles.

If you're still worried, take a digital camera, bend over, and shoot a few pics. Then compare to what you see online. If your eyesight is not crummy like mine, you might be able to tell using a flashlight and mirror. (I recommend the camera.)

I know this problem is probably long dead, but hopefully this info helps a fellow asshole out there. :)